Tadej Krevh

Remote Principal Software Engineer


I am a Principal Full Stack Engineer with over 20 years of experience in software development, software design and architecture, cloud infrastructure, scalable and distributed applications and systems integrations.
I've worked both in large organizations and small startups (also co-founded one).
I enjoy wearing multiple hats and working across the whole stack, including devops and performance optimizations. I've been working remotely since 2005.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for further career details.


My personal interests include:

  • I really enjoy learning new stuff related to software development - be it backend, frontend, devops or UX.
  • If time permits, I try to get involved in hackathons, where I get a chance to meet new people and try to learn new tech.
  • I'm following the blockchain development and I'm an advisor to award winning blockchain music startup imusify.
  • Helped refactor imusify and lead development for the Microsoft China blockchain competition.
  • Push notification system to help with abandoned shopping carts and anonymous customer communication.
  • I enjoy all sorts of competitions. I used to race cars, then raced with sailplanes and I'm currently racing with paragliders at the world cup level.


“I greatly enjoyed working with Tadej on this short-term project. I gave him a pretty vague scope just to ‘dive in and see what you can do to make our service faster’. 5 days later he delivered a professional and insightful 10-page set of recommendations to our team which has helped us significantly improve the speed and reliability of our service (in some cases by 10x)! Tadej is a very competent developer and great communicator. I look forward to working with him again.”

Pierre Wooldridge – All Make Believe LLC www.allmakebelieve.com

“I’m always a bit nervous when engaging somebody to do work on one of my projects. Tadej Krevh was referred to me by a colleague, who assured me he was very good. And you know, he was right! Tadej is very skilled, easy to communicate with (important), and will not hesitate to patiently explain why one of my hare-brained ideas may not be so good, and suggest an alternative. Tadej is exactly the sort of developer you need to get things done: honest, professional, and actually cares about his clients, even after the job is done.”

Kerryn Marlow – Director – SMS Response Australia www.smsresponse.com.au

“Tadej is an outstanding and creative engineer:

  • He is a fast learner. That is important in IT as the field is ever changing at faster and faster pace. He has demonstrated that skill right after his arrival to our company 11 years ago and he is still the same.
  • He is not afraid of trying something new. In fact, he enjoys new challenges.
  • He is very diligent and does not require supervision.
  • He is efficient and keen to contribute -- he asks for more work when he finished.
  • A very good team player. He assists others when necessary and open-minded. He accepts suggestions if they are sound.
  • He has good writing skills. Being able to write technical documentation or a letter to the customer.
  • He is a good communicator - you will know if he has a problem, or he has a question without an answer.
  • Last but certainly not the least: He has no issues at all working remotely. I am based in Hong Kong for a very long time and communicate often with him. Yet, I have never felt the negative impact of working remotely with him. It always felt as efficient as if he were working right next to me.
Tadej is a well-rounded person and it will be a big loss to the company. Apart from his professional skills, he is a very nice person in private too. He is benevolent, open-minded, has extremely good sense of humor and on every visit to my native Slovenia, I am glad to see Tadej also in private for a chat, a good laugh, and of course a beer. :)”

Damjan Perenic – CTO – Epilog epilog.net

“At age 21 I created my first company where we developed modules for various open source platforms. 2 years later we generated 200.000€ in revenue. Company was sold at my age 23. I though I was the best. While meeting Tadej at implementing various programming tasks I have seen that I was wrong. Tadej is the BEST at programming. No matter the programming language, Tadej created high quality code and always provided needed support. I HIGHLY recommend him.”

Rok Meglic – ex CEO – Spletni Sistemi www.spletnisistemi.si

“Tadej joined Odateam as a developer, used to perform in different environment and culture than our company was and still is requiring, as we live the agile software development practices. Tadej was strong and experienced enough to adapt quickly and soon took over the development in some of the technical areas of our software package called Symass. He contributed a significant part of not only well created, tested and documented code, but also brought a broader aspect in our team, considering the alternatives and variations to what we were used to at that time.”

Andrej Kline – CEO – msg life odateam www.msg-life.com